Livraison GRATUITE au Québec!



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Snowskate Ambition Premium "Moreau Signature"

Taking it one step further, the Premium signature snowskates add top-concave and full base graphics to Ambition renowned construction. This year’s models come with improved top-concave, Precision-7 2.0 channel pattern for enhanced tracking and rail-locking, along with an unique CPE base material, providing incomparable speed and scratch resistance. Carefully designed by Ambition pro riders and handcrafted to withstand the harsh conditions of winter, the Ambition 2018-19 Signature snowskates truly are top of the line. Combine with XtremeGrip for the ultimate skate on snow experience.

The Phil Moreau Signature is the longest and widest Ambition snowskate, offering extra stability and riding control.

(Source: Ambition)

For the ultimate snowskate experience, don't forget to add a pack of Xtreme grip to your order :